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When it comes to high-quality boots or running shoes, the sole is the first thing to wear out. With typical trainers, the habit is to throw them in the trash as soon as the sole is out of shape. Thanks to Vibram rerplacement soles, you can re-sole them instead! Just like the cobblers of old, guys from Vibram want to make it easy, fast, and affordable for owners to have the soles of their shoes replaces when they expire.

What Are Vibram Soles?

Upgrade your shoes, or re-sole a pair of old worn boots or shoes with famous Vibram rubber. A high-quality service from Vibram will give your footwear a new life.

How to get a new Vibram sole installed: choose a sole from an online catalog; mail your old shoes and Vibram will return your upgraded pair in about 2 weeks.

Can Vibram soles be replaced?

Yes, even leather soled shoes can be upgraded to add fantastic Vibram rubber soles.

How Much Should It Cost to Get Your Sole Replaced by Vibram?

Starting cost is $75 per pair (in 2019).

You may ask: ‘Why not just buy new shoes?’ Expensive boots or your much-loved pair that you don’t want to throw away immediately are obvious contenders for the quite expensive Vibram service. A pair of expensive leather boots can last for many years, depending on use, so a new sole could double the lifespan with reasonable expense.

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What is shoe Resoling?

Vibram has been running its Sole Factor Tour for a couple of years now. The tour features a set of dates across 15 states giving Vibrams owners a chance to have their tired shoes repaired to perfect conditions. Allon Cohne, the chief marketing officer at Vibram, says “Vibram’s Sole Factor program has big goals. One is to encourage sustainability by bringing new life to a beloved pair of shoes, outfitting them with better performing, stylish outsoles. Another is to continue the art of the shoe cobbler and shoe repair for the next generation. And a third is to support the local businesses and communities we visit on tour.”

vibram shoe Resoling

What’s special about Vibram soles?

The simple answer: they’re specifically designed to be superior in durability and comfort for a wide range of sports and industrial activities.

The brand is the conception of an avid climber, Vitale Bramani, who in 1935 suffered a tragic expedition catastrophe in Italy that took the lives of six of his mountaineering companions. Bramani claimed the deaths were the consequence of inadequate footwear and set out to create a boot sole that proved far more effective in such conditions. His first design was the “tank tread” soles. In 1954, Vibram soles wear worn by the climbers making the first expedition to reach the summit of K2.


Today, Vibram is the world’s most trusted brand in sole design. Every official Vibrams sole is marked with the well recognized Vibram yellow-label. Many famous brands purchase soles from Vibram.

Vibram Fivefingers (Vibram Soles)

Vibram is well-known for its innovative shoe design and incredible footwear soles.

Vibram Fivefingers – originally marketed as a more natural alternative for different outdoors activities. These “minimalist shoes” or “barefoot shoes”, can be an extremely healthy choice for many people.

Vibram Sole Factor Tour

The tour is usually carried out on a 38-foot “mobile shoe factory” unit that will park at specific locations like gyms, stores, and outdoor events. The unit will transport a team of experienced cobblers who’ll work on the shoes in the open for all to see. The final price of sole replacements will depend greatly on the services needed as well as the design of the shoe and the parts needed to fix them. The most expensive repairs tend to cost as much as $40.

The brand promises that virtually any pair can be repaired. Customers will be able to choose the color of new parts as well as any Vibram technologies (such as Vibrams Gumlight) that are applicable to their design.

What is Vibram Gumlight?

Gumlight is a new bread of sole with a very rugged tread. The key benefits include superior durability, unparalleled levels of traction in all weather conditions, and the perfect amount of cushioning for comfort in outdoor activities.

Have a pair you’d like repaired? Find a Sole Factor Tour date and location near you today!

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