Vibram FiveFingers Kids

By wearing Vibram FiveFingers, kids get clear benefits of walking and running barefoot whilst offering protection. Discover Vibram FiveFingers Kids on

Research has shown that when children spend more time in bare feet, even in just two months, results in increased foot strengthbalancemobility, and ankle function. You child’s shoe should reflect this ‘barefoot feel’, with the shoe offering as much of the following:

  • A completely flexible sole,
  • A wide and deep toe box,
  • An anatomically correct last (the ‘mould’ that a shoe is built on),
  • A closure at the back and an adjustable closure at the top, such as laces or Velcro

By wearing Vibram FiveFingers, children get the health benefits of going barefoot whilst offering protection. Here are the Vibram FiveFingers styles available for children, most available in sizes 29 and 36: