Vibram Fivefingers V-Run Women

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Vibram FiveFingers Womens’s V-RUN – Whenever you want to go running, the Vibram FiveFingers V-RUN will keep your feet cool through breathable material. If you want to remove the classic footwear and choose a minimalist style, the V-RUN model lets you get close to your running style with thinner soles and therefore provides the ‘barefoot’ experience.

VI-LITE – Just as lightweight, these shoes have the maximum size for cushioning for shock absorption and this also leads to the conservation of energy.

XS RUN – Ultimately, the idea with this one is to keep the hardness stable regardless of temperature and the ground under-foot. When you come across the usually slippery smooth surfaces, the extra grip will kick in and keep you secure.

MONT – Finally, this is ideal for when you’re taking your exercise to the next level (quite literally) with trekking or even mountaineering. When testing yourself, you need your shoes to help not hinder and this is what the MONT offers.

  • Weight: M43 = 4.8 oz.
  • INSOLE: 2mm EVA + Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner
  • MIDSOLE: 4mm EVA
  • RUBBER: 2.5mm
  • Upper Material: Polyester Lycra Stretch Mesh + Polyester Microfiber
  • Vegan

Machine Wach Cold / Air Dry


23 reviews for Vibram Fivefingers V-Run Women

  1. Carito

    My 3rd pair!!! I love these so much I had to get a brand new pair. I am training now for my first half marathon and continue on my Triahtlon training journey with my “gorilla shoes” Plantar Fascitis- no more problems. 3 years free of this pain ever since I made the transition to minimalist shoes. I am feeling stronger and my recovery time is faster and better.

  2. Snezhanna R.

    Omg I love them!!!!!! They are great. My feet did feel a little bit uncomfortable in them but it’s because I wore them for too long for the first time but as more I wear them and get use to them they feel better. They have perfect grip on the ground

  3. mrssorrells

    These do run small so order down. I had to try 3 pairs to get it through my head. I wear a different size in every running shoe brand I utilize and my right foot is an entire size larger so if you want them to fit properly (you want them almost tight if you run barefoot without socks) make sure to order down a size. The men’s can be converted and will fit but again pay attention to sizing. Otherwise they’re perfect!

  4. Lorraine G.

    These are a little more narrow than my other Vibrams. But, they are PERFECT running shoes for me in every other way! Much lighter than any of the other pairs I have owned, which is important when you run several miles a day in Arizona weather. My favorite Vibrams so far!

  5. Lexi

    Was surprised how thin the material is but it really does keep your feet want which I was not expecting at all! Fit super great! I wear a 8.5-9 and got the size 40 and it fits snug but not consticted in the toes at all so it feels just like barefoot but without the heat of the pavement and pebbles. 🙂 Highly recommend

  6. Veronica V.

    I Run 3 miles a day and in the past I would run Barefoot simply because I am not a fan of the traditional sneaker or running shoe. I came across the shoe after a friend recommended me look for this style of running shoe and I am so glad I got them. They are super comfortable.

  7. Stacy T

    This was the only color I could find in my size that I half way liked. I saw pictures in reviews and they looked different than the given picture. I am SO GLAD I got them. I love Five Fingers. These are perfect. I have worn them several times already. These always tend to stretch out a bit. So if they are snug, give them a chance. The box came crushed up a bit but not a buggy.

  8. Awesome

    I needed new running shoes, but I wanted some more Five Fingers. These fit the bill. This is my second pair of Vibram, but these fit better than the others. They are a size smaller than my previous…due to weight loss 😁. They feel great, and the soles are thicker than I thought they’d be which is a plus

  9. Molly D.

    Although these are my first pair of toe shoes, they definitely will not be the last. With all the foot problems I have, no shoe is comfortable, ever. These are. I am a nurse and on my feet most of the shift. I have Morton’s neuroma, bunion, hammer toes, tailors bunion and overlapping toes, but this shoe not only accommodates all those eccentricities, but my feet actually feel good after wearing them for several hours. Treat yourself. They’re a great conversation starter and very fun color as well.

  10. Angie G.

    Measure your foot before you order using one of those classic metal things you can find at the store. Go by the european size too. Measure based on your biggest toe and thats the size you get. If you have itsy bitsy little toesies theyre gonna feel funny at first. Still transitioning to being able to run in them. For the first week or two my arches were in pain but i got used to them and the pain subsided.

  11. Rachel

    they are a little snug, i did buy socks specifically for these shoes but they fit so tight that i can’t wear the socks with them. I really like the look of them and they came in pretty fast.

  12. Nicole S.

    This is my 9th pair of five fingers (Sprints, Classic, Kangaroo leather KSos x 2, Bikila, Alitza x 2, Hemp).
    These fit the most snug of all of the others. When I first put them on, I had to adjust the laces which is a first for me with five fingers! Usually they slip right on. I almost didn’t like these because of the sole — they are ridged, unlike the others I have had that have a smoother sole. I was worried the ridges would feel weird when walking and running.
    But as soon as I took them outside I fell in love with them. I love the material of the shoe, and those ridges on the sole? I felt them my first steps, but after that, it’s like they melted into my feet!

  13. Kenya K.

    I’ve been wearing these for years and they are, by far, the best five fingers I’ve ever worn. They are really light…the toes aren’t as spaced out like the others. I can actually fit my pinky toe in the correct slot without it hurting…I normally wear the last two toes in the same slot…

  14. Mrs. JA

    These do run a bit small. I typically wear a 39 and had to get a 40. All of my digits felt perfect acceot for the great toe which was at the end of the shoe. However, they are awesome for beginners who are heavy because they don’t weigh you down like other athletic attire.

  15. Noah Bowser

    I got these 3 days before I went camping in Idaho, so I was worried I would have to break them in but apparently I had no worries. I slipped them on and my toes went in very easily, I was really shocked. I walked on rocks and they didn’t hurt my feet, the grip was excellent. I wore them for a week camping and they honestly are the best, comfortable, breathable, I walked in a river and they dried quickly. I’ve always wanted a pair of these and I couldn’t be more excited for this purchase.

  16. DAR

    These arrived on time and I am very happy with the fit. They are a little more pliable and easier to get on. I like the softer color but wish they made a beige or neutral color to match more clothing. I am a 7 – 7 1/2 shoe size and chose size 38.

  17. Kim Geene

    This was my first minimalist running shoe. I didn’t have any pain transitioning, but I don’t run terribly long distances anyway. I am an 8.5 and I ordered the 39 and it was perfect. Toe space is long but I think it’s a good thing.

  18. Gabrielle L.

    Love these for wandering trails for hours. A little tighter on my foot than I would like though. Wish I had gotten a half size bigger. But I still love them. Really great for our “swamp walks” that I wouldn’t want to trash my regular athletic shoes on. These are much easier to clean since there isn’t a ton of fabric or cushion. And no foot pain after a long hike either.

  19. peach

    These are great, I am usually an 8 so I bought the 8-8.5 in case of my feet swelling. The only thing that bothers me is that the toes are super long on these shoes…it feels weird and I struggle to put on the shoes. I am still breaking them in, but they seem great.

  20. Shelby

    I’ve been wearing vibrams for several years but usually I go in a retailer and purchase them but I couldn’t find a retailer in Chicago so I ordered on line. I ordered 2 pair. 41 is always my size. I ordered 41 in both pair. They turn out great and I am loving them.

  21. Jenny A.

    IN LOVE! I was always a bare foot kid and normal shoes hurt my feet. I love these shoes cause I can go anywhere and feel like I’m bare foot. My morning runs are so much more comfy and that makes me want to run more! The only con is the toes are long I don’t know anyone with that long of toes… Other than that they are great and worth every cent.

  22. Ms. Jones

    These are my first Vibrams and I feel in love. The shoes are so light on your feet and comfortable. I felt like it helped reduced fatigue during my evening walks and go longer distances. I will be buying and trying more of these shoes.

  23. Dylan

    These shoes are AMAZING! Super breathable. I wear them all day long, about 9 hours, 5 days a week. I wear them at work and I am walking all throughout the day. I ride my bike to work also and these shoes provide excellent ventilation. The FiveFinger shoes are the best shoes ever and I will never purchase anything other than these shoes. I also own the other FiveFingers and those are also excellent. These have slightly less sole so it’s more of a bare foot feel, absolutely amazing.

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