Vibram Fivefingers KMD EVO Men’s Shoes

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Very limited stock. We deleted all the non-existing/sold out variations. 

If you need a minimalist shoe that is able to handle running, obstacle races, rocky, uneven trail paths, or even grass, the KMD EVO is exactly what you need. This robust shoe will give you an opportunity to make the massive changes in your foot strength and overall body mechanics.

The Vibram Fivefingers KMD EVO adds a layer padding under your foot, although like all other Vibram running shoes, the KMD EVO are barefoot-inspired.

KMD EVO Features:

  • More underfoot protection than other Vibram Fivefinger shoes
  • Weave-based upper for great breathability
  • Upper fully envelopes your foot
  • Ideal for jumping, climbing, running on grass and sand or asphalt
  • Robust, yet extremely comfortable

1 review for Vibram Fivefingers KMD EVO Men’s Shoes

  1. Matt

    It was so hard to find these online. Thanks for the shoes and extremely fast shipping.

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What defines a good fit?

When your heel is seated comfortably into the back of the shoe once all of your toes are inside each toe pocket. When you stand up your toes should be comfortable, relaxed and flat.

There should be a bit of space at the end of each toe pocket and a bit of space around the heel to allow for swelling after exercise or wearing on a hot day, anywhere from 1mm to 5mm is good for the toes. It’s acceptable for one of your toes to be just touching the end of the toe pocket but nothing more. You should avoid a tight fit where your toes are right at the end of the pockets as tight does not allow the toes or foot to move naturally.

The one comment we regularly get is that the little toe feels funny. Of all the toes, the little toe is the one that gets pushed into the foot the most as a result of the less than natural footwear we wear in modern society. This sensation is simply the little toe being gently encouraged back out, this sensation dissipates very quickly within a few minutes.

For best results in finding your size, we recommend measuring both feet, heel to toe. Standing with your heels against a flat wall:

1. Slide ruler under each foot
2. Be sure to measure the end of the longest toe
3. Take the longer of the two measurements
4. Use our sizing chart

Foot shapes & sizes vary greatly from person to person. FiveFingers® do provide some fit adjustment, but may not fit every foot type. To achieve the best fitting results for the particular style you are interested in, we recommend you follow the sizing chart. While not definitive and impossible to be exact, it has proven to be accurate most of the time.

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